If there’s one thing I’ve learned about death and grief, it’s that it lingers. Death has a way of haunting life, and not always in a bad way or even an extremely painful way. Grief can both wound and heal.

Take today, or instance. I’ve been wearing the same earrings for a couple weeks (simple sapphire studs) and I decided I wanted a change. I also felt like a necklace. That’s the way I am with jewelry…I wear what I feel. Most days it’s simple, practical and not likely to be ripped off me by an agitated resident. Other days it’s more eclectic: dangling earrings paired with a necklace that doesn’t quite match. Rings…only when I really feel like it. Or, more recently, when I’m really missing my Grandma.

That’s another thing about me and jewelry: it’s always been a connection with my Grandma. It’s from her that I get my love of jewelry, sweet wines and going to see movies. So now that she’s gone and I inherited a fair portion of her jewelry collection…every time I open that box, it’s like a blast of pure Grandma. Yeah, it still hurts and yeah, I still might sniffle a bit going through that jewelry box, but it’s also a healing kind of grief. It’s a vibrant kind of life, that can keep people chuckling at a fiery temper more than a year after her death. It’s a good woman whose memory can still provide comfort; and whose fantastic taste in jewelry still good…even when I pair up the pieces in ways she never would’ve thought of.

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